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Have you considered hiring?

Hiring a two-way radio system is a fantastic way of utilising the most advanced radio equipment on the market, for a required period, without the substantial capital expenditure. SFL Mobile Radio have a hire fleet of in excess of 3,000 radios which is growing year on year. Since 2008 we have invested millions of pounds to establish one of the youngest, state of the art hire fleets within the UK consisting of mainly Motorola Digital Portables.

An SFL radio hire offers you:

  • State of the art equipment – ensuring your application is issued with the optimum solution
  • Reduce capital outlay – no need to spend out £1000s for a short term project
  • Ofcom management – we will take away all of the application procedure
  • FREE Site Survey / Trial – we will assess your project’s requirement by phone or site attendance
  • Fully maintained – 24 hour replacement policy for all equipment including batteries
  • Upgradeable – we will evolve your system to follow your organisational success
  • Next day delivery nationwide – receive your system before 9am next day*
  • Fleet management – we will ensure you have your fleet information when you need it
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