Icom Radio Systems

Icom UK is one of the country’s leading distributors of two way radio communications products and has built a reputation for providing the marine, aviation, amateur and business markets with high quality products and excellent service.

Icom radio systems


IC-F3102D / F4102D Handportable Series

icom IC-F3102D

The new Icom IDAS IC-F3102D/F4102D handportable two way radio series are small, simple to use radios that are capable of both analogue and digital radio communications on a single channel.

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IC-F4029SDR Licence Free Handportable

icom IC-F4029SDR

The introduction of the latest 6.25kHz ultra narrow digital voice technologies, allows the Icom IC-F4029SDR two way radio to bring users better communication versatility and quality because of digital clarity.

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IC-F3262D Waterproof Handportable Series


The IC-F3262D handheld is a new two way radio series from Icom that combines a rugged, waterproof and dustproof construction with an in-built GPS receiver and IDAS dPMR digital technology.

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dPMR Mode 3 Digital Trunking System

icom dPMR Mode 3 Digital Trunking System

The Icom dPMR Mode 3 is aimed at businesses and organisations who are looking for a fully networked multi-site trunking system. This may be as a new system or as a replacement of an old MPT system.

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RMS-Net (Digital Radio Management System)

Icom maintenance

RMS-Net underpins many Icom digital / analogue systems providing efficient communication within the workforce and improved management of health and safety throughout the organisation.

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