Motorola Radio Systems

As the UK’s leading radio manufacturer, Motorola has a complete portfolio of two-way radios and accessories which have been designed and built to an exceptional quality.

Hand-Portable Radios

Motorola’s portable two-way radios offer solutions enabling you to coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce.

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Motorola Repeaters

Maximize the performance of your MOTOTRBO system and increase coverage area by implementing a Motorola repeater.

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IP Site Connect

Communicate easily among geographically dispersed locations throughout your building ‘blackspots’, Town or even between countries. Find Out More

Capacity Plus

Keep in touch with multiple ‘talkgroups’ with a single site Capacity Plus repeater to allow increased radio capacity…..

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Man-Down Function

Automatically send an alarm signal when the radio is tipped on its side.

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Linked Capacity Plus

MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus is a cost-effective, high-capacity, voice and data communication solution

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Motorola IMPRES Accessories

Motorola digital technology enables breakthrough radio performance and features.

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IMPRES Charging Technology

Automate battery maintenance with Motorola’s state-of-the-art IMPRES technology.

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Lone Worker Function

Automatically send emergency calls if the inactivity timer is exceeded.

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Telephone Interconnect

Seamlessly linking landline and mobile phones with two-way radios.

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