Sepura SBM8000 mobile radio

Secure, robust and reliable, the SBM8000 two way radio gives outstanding performance no matter how challenging the environment.

With half keypad and colour screen, the SBM8000 is ideal for users who require a wide range of functionality. IP54-rated, it offers a rugged body and high-quality audio. The Sepura SBM8000 features an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive range of applications.

Sepura SBR8000 mobile radio

    • Switch on password
    • Read/Write Password
    • Power Up Image
    • 1024 digital channels
    • Multi language
    • 512 Contact List
    • 248 Zones
    • Dynamic Automatic Free Slot Allocation
    • Roam between up to 32 repeaters
    • Caller ID/Group Call/Private Call
    • All Call/Broadcast Call
    • Scan/Priority Scan
    • Transmit Interrupt
    • Call Alert
    • Encryption  40, 64, 128 Bit
    • Emergency Alert Call
    • Emergency Alert Call & Live Microphone
    • Emergency Silent Call & Live Microphone
    • Remote Monitor
    • Radio Check
    • Radio Enable/Disable/Kill
    • Lone Worker
    • GPS
    • Multiple language capability
    • Status Messages/Text Messaging
    • Analogue mode CTCSS/DCS/5 Tone/MDC1200
    • Tier III  Trunked Firmware Upgrade


Frequency: SBM8010: 136-174MHz, SBM8040: 400-470MHz, 450-520MHz
Dimensions: 60 x 177 x 184mm
Weight: 1500g Power supply: 13.6V DC (min 10.6V, max 15.6V)
Current drain: 800mA (standby), 2A (Rx@rated audio), 11A (Tx@25W), 14A (Tx@40W)
LCD: 1.77″ TFT Multiple language capability

For more information on the various options available using the Sepura SBM800 two way radio for your project, please call our team on 0800 975 7228 or submit the form below.

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