TRBOnet Radio Systems

TRBOnet is developed specially for Motorola radios, enabling you to monitor audio, data and locations, provide record management and to review events that have taken place.

TRBOnet™ Command & Control Room Software

TRBOnet Enterprise is a PC-based client server dispatcher software application for the MOTOTRBO users.

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TRBOnet™ Indoor Positioning Solution

A software and hardware system that allows the positioning and control of digital MOTOTRBO subscribers.

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TRBOnet™ Mobile Client for Android

Trbo Net Mobile

TRBOnet™ Mobile is an application for Android which extends MOTOTRBO to smartphones.

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TRBOnet™ Job Ticketing

TrboNet Job Ticketing

TRBOnet™ Job Ticketing is the integrated ticketing system which allows Dispatchers to create, assign and track job tickets through the radio network.

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TRBOnet™ WebClient

TRBOnet Web Client

TRBOnet™ WebClient is an extension for TRBOnet Enterprise 3.0 software which allows Dispatchers with a large number of users to get access to a system using a web browser.

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TRBOnet™ CrossPatch

TRBOnet CrossPatch

The CrossPatch enables dispatchers to patch talk groups, channels, sites and systems together to enable seemless comunication between all radio users of TRBOnet.

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TRBOnet™ GPS Monitoring Systems


The MOTOTRBO integrated GPS allows for indication of subscribers’ location and routes on map.

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Telephone Interconnect for MOTOTRBO

MOTOTRBO Phone Interconnect

Phone Interconnect is a new software component available with TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet PLUS.

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