Telephone Interconnect for MOTOTRBO

Phone Interconnect is a new software component available with TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet PLUS.

It allows making calls from MOTOTRBO two way  radios to telephones and from telephones to two way radios and also allows a dispatcher to make or receive telephone calls through the Dispatcher Console.

All that you need to enable this option is just to configure your SIP and TRBOnet RadioServer.

Note: Currently, Phone Interconnect does not support ConnectPlus

As a SIP service can be used a PBX device with SIP 2.0 support (Cisco, Planet, Asterisk etc) or just Internet SIP servers like (recommended for test purposes only)

Also you can use a virtual machine with pre-installed software PBX – Download the Guide

Supported System Configurations

  • Any system based on Control stations, using Transmit Interrupt
  • IP Connect to IPSC repeaters
  • MOTOTRBO NAI VOICE/DATA (available for release 2.3A)

TRBOnet Phone Interconnect for IPSC and Cap+/LCP systems with NAI – DownloadThePresentation
Systems on Control Station using TX Interrupt – Download_Phone_Patch_TX_User_Guide
IP Connect to IPSC systems and MOTOTRBO NAI VOICE & DATA – Download_Phone_Patch_Wireline_User_Guide

Supported Call Types

  • Individual Call from Two Way Radio to Phone
  • Individual Call from Phone to Two Way Radio
  • Group Call from Phone to Two Way Radios
  • From Phone to Dispatch

Two way radio is able to make a phone call using:

  • Text Message
  • DTMF
  • Contact List (for Wireline systems only)

Telephone Interconnect for MOTOTRBO is a new software component available with TRBOnet Enterprise & TRBOnet PLUS