TRBOnet™ Crosspatch

The CrossPatch enables dispatchers to patch talk groups, channels, sites and systems together to enable seamless  two way radio comunication between all radio users of TRBOnet.

This is regardless of frequency or if the radios are operating in Analog, Digital, IP site connect or Capacity plus. All from the click of a mouse.

1. Master radios redirect the calls to each other

This is the most common type of TRBOnet CrossPatch when there is data exchange between a group of master stations set in the CrossPatch settings. Thus, there is a common channel for all the subscribers of the specified master stations. The CrossPatch can connect any types of network (analogue, digital, IP Site, Capacity Plus). Thus, geographically dispersed networks of various types can be easily united in one network.

TRBOnet CrossPatch
2. One master two way radio redirects the calls to several master two way radios

This option can be used for situation when it’s necessary to get the calls from a remote station withy no need to respond.

TRBOnet CrossPatch
3. Master two way radios redirect the calls to one master two way radio

This option can be used to redirect calls from all stations to one master station that covers all of them (for example, several master stations covering small zone redirect calls to an antenna that covers the big common zone.)

TRBOnet CrossPatch