ATEX Hazardous Radio Fleet

What is ATEX Hazardous Radio Fleet?

ATEX hazardous radio fleetATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) Directive 94/9/EC – this is the EU directive associated with the use of two way radio equipment in potentially explosive environments, such as Oil Refineries, Chemical Manufacturing, Oil Rigs and so on. Please download a copy of the Directive 94/9/EC for your records.

SFL Mobile Radio has allocated investment within this specialist area of our digital two way radio hire fleet, in order to offer our commitment to existing clients within hazardous environments throughout the UK.

Our ATEX hire fleet are regularly serviced and approved by Motorola, therefore, fully certified to use on your ATEX project. All ATEX portables are supplied with an ATEX approved leather case with harness. The battery, antenna and belt clip are similarly ATEX approved, non-approved accessories should not be used within the hazardous environment.

ATEX approved Motorola portables share the Blue appearance in order to easily be distinguished from non ATEX equipment.

Please contact our dedicated Hire Team to discuss your ATEX requirement further.

Have a look at our ATEX approved equipment available to hire:

Motorola DP4401 Digital Atex**

Licensed* Yes
Channels Up to 32
Dimensions 138 x 56 x 37mm
Weight 455g
Download Specification

Motorola GP340 Analogue ATEX**

Licensed* Yes
Channels Up to 16
Dimensions 148 x 60 x 39mm
Weight 420g
Download Specification

* Licensed two way radios operate at high power on dedicated frequencies, providing long-range communications with no cross-channel interference. Non-licensed radios are low power and operate on a generic frequency, making them unsuitable for a ‘secure’ environment, and are prone to interference on your site. SFL Mobile Radio secure all necessary licences on our clients’ behalf.

** ATEX approved two way radios are intrinsically safe and suitable for use in the Oil and Gas industry and other areas where explosive atmospheres may be encountered