Digital Hands-Free Crane Radio System

Safely keeping in contact with your mobile workforce is the key to a crane operator’s success.

Hands-free crane radio system

Hands-free crane radio

In order to enhance crane to ground communications, SFL has developed a digital hands-free radio application which is installed within the cab of the crane.

The crane radio set-up which employs a Motorola platform and utilises DMR technology offers crystal clear radio transmissions and increased two way radio coverage, whilst reducing interference and background noise.

The crane hands-free radio is available in two forms; a single and double.  The double option is for multiple cranes on site where a ‘crash’ emergency radio system is used independently and two separate radios are required.

Health and Safety and Ofcom requirements

  • Our hands-free system complies with the Contruction Plant-hire Association and HSE’s guidance for Radio Communications for Lifting Operations.
    HSE Tower Crane Guidance
  • And our set-ups are are approved by Ofcom for use within the UK, as set out in Business Radio Communication for Tower Cranes OFW77
    Ofcom OFW77 Tower Crane Operators Guide Notes

Download our PDF brochure on our hands-free crane radio: SFL Hands-free Crane Radio Leaflet

A digital hands-free crane radio offers:

  • Single radio (banksman only) or dual radio (banksman and crash emergency)
  • Foot pedal operations for safer lifting operations
  • Digital radio signalling for increased clarity
  • Noise reducing microphone
  • 10w external speaker
  • Better coverage over analogue radio systems
  • Battery back-up for two hours
  • Secure transmission, reducing interference levels
  • Designed for simple installation/removal
  • Fully Ofcom licensed
  • Available to hire short and long term

If you require additional information on this product and how it can benefit your crane operations please do not hesitate to contact our hire team on 0800 975 7228.

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