Two Way Radio Solutions for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is SFL’s largest and most tailored market sector within the UK. Over almost 20 years of renting two way radio equipment, we have supplied, maintained and partnered some of the largest construction firms in the industry. Since 1997 we have solely supplied organisations such as Vinci Construction (formerly Norwest Holst / Taylor Woodrow) for hundreds of prestigious projects throughout the UK; most recently for their Nottingham Tramway Extension which consisted of over 170 radios for the construction scheme.

Vinci Nottingham Tramway Extension

We used a bespoke Motorola Linked Capacity Plus radio infrastructure which created a network for approximately 170 portable two way radios over a 17km stretch through the city of Nottingham. SFL evolved the system which consisted of several talk groups, emergency channels, GPS with individuals being tracked for lone worker on night shifts and all well within budget.

Similar projects have been completed and are currently being provided for organisations such as Costain, Carillion, Kier, United Living and Bellway Homes.

SFL appreciates the need to keep cogs turning within the construction industry, which is why we offer guaranteed next day delivery.

We will remove all of the headaches surrounding Ofcom Licensing for you and provide the most durable, high performing two way radio system that will get the job done – without compromise.  Which is why our clients return to us time after time.

We understand from the time the radio equipment is deployed, the site will evolve and radio coverage on larger projects will often need to also evolve.  This is why, at the planning stage, we will thoroughly discuss your project and present future recommendations if deemed necessary to increase site coverage.

We will only supply (rental or purchase) two way radio equipment that will offer the latest technology for coverage optimisation, equipment durability, extensive battery life and clear audio for your project.  Whether you opt for hire which will include full system maintenance and Ofcom licensing or choose to purchase your equipment, rest assured we will partner you throughout the project.

Examples of SFL Mobile Radio working with the construction industry

Next day mobile radio delivery to Canary Wharf development

Hands-free crane radios used on Tottenham Hotspurs development

SFL develops bespoke crane hands-free radio system

Costain chooses SFL mobile radio for Immingham bypass project

Benefits of Digital Two Way Radio for ConstructionSL1600_front

  • Audio – exceptional clarity for radio transmissions
  • Battery life – up to 19 hours standby in digital mode
  • Coverage – extend up to 30% compared to analogue
  • Private Calling – call an individual, team or full group
  • Intelligent Audio – the volume adjusts depending on background noise
  • Bluetooth – integrate with both voice and data devices
  • SMS – send text messages between radios or even to the cellular networks
  • Telephone Integration – make and receive telephone calls through your radio
  • Man Down / Lone Worker – your radio will call for help when you can’t
  • GPS – monitor the whereabouts of your mobile workforce
  • Alarms – integrate your two way radio with a wide range of alarms on site
Digital Crane Handsfree Application
Our design engineers have developed a sophisticated crane handsfree radio system which has been successfully adopted by our customer HTC Wolfkran, the UKs largest tower crane provider. HTC’s distinctive red cranes can be seen throughout the UK and are installed with state of the art Digital Motorola fixed radios combined with heavy duty foot pedals. This allows transmissions through an extremely sensitive noise reducing microphone and surround sound speaker system, which allows the operator to identify the Banksmen radio system from their Crash radio system.
Digital Coverage for Tunnels
With the UK exclusive use of Sure Antennas combiners, sophisticated antenna designs and IP linking DR3000 IP67 Peli case repeaters, we can design a system which can offer total radio frequency coverage throughout your tunnel project.
Wide Area Coverage?
Fifty miles of Motorway Construction? That’s no problem! We will liaise with the associated Highways Agency and Ofcom to obtain frequencies. Our team of specialist radio engineers will undertake a free of charge site survey utilising our state of the art software. A heatmap can then be presented to the customer of the proposed coverage area and from this we will create the radio infrastructure required to drive your radio communications. Using IP site connect technology, we will link the required number of repeaters which will create the desired coverage. Portable and mobile two way radio equipment will then be programmed to migrate seamlessly between the site on the one single channel offering full site coverage.

For more information on the various options available for your project, please call our team on 0800 975 7228 or submit the form below.

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