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Two Way Radio Solutions for the Hospitality & Leisure Industry

Rapid, efficient and discreet communications are the key to providing your customers the best in customer service.
If you are a caravan park, small hotelier, ice rink or maybe an amusement park, the requirement is to efficiently pass information between groups of your workforce quickly. SFL can offer a low cost analogue or digital two way radio system within your budget.

Larger organisations that require a bigger footprint of radio coverage such as hotel resorts, stadiums and golf courses may require a conventional repeater or even multiple linked repeaters to offer additional boost.

In order to maintain the professional appearance of your operative, we can offer many compact radio solutions, such as the SL range of Motorola portables, designed to offer a discreet, low profile solution without compromising features expected with digital two way radios. To further enhance the radio system, we offer a full range of unobtrusive, covert and semi-covert earpieces.

We will only supply (rental or purchase) equipment that will offer the latest technology for coverage optimisation, equipment durability, extensive battery life and clear audio for your environment. Whether you opt for hire which will include full system maintenance and Ofcom licensing or choose to purchase your equipment, rest assured we will partner you throughout your project.

Examples of SFL Mobile Radio working with the Hospitality and Leisure Industry

Community safety team employ digital radio network WirralNET

Bootle Strand Shopping Centre upgrades to digital radio system

Benefits of Digital Two Way Radio for Hospitality & Leisure

  • Audio – exceptional clarity for radio transmissions
  • Battery life – up to 19 hours standby in digital mode
  • Coverage – extend up to 30% compared to analogue
  • Private Calling – call an individual, team or full group
  • Intelligent Audio – the volume adjusts depending on background noise
  • Bluetooth – integrate with both voice and data devices
  • SMS – send text messages between radios or even to the cellular networks
  • Telephone Integration – make and receive telephone calls through your radio
  • Man Down / Lone Worker – your radio will call for help when you can’t
  • GPS – monitor the whereabouts of your mobile workforce
  • Alarms – integrate your two way radio with a wide range of alarms on site

For more information on the various options available for your project, please call our team on 0800 975 7228  or submit the form below.

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