Two Way Radio Solutions for the Security Industry

Maintaining communication between security operatives via a control room monitoring station is key to maximising public safety.

It may be a city shopping complex which requires two way radio communication for their shoplink members to pass on simple, effective descriptions of known shoplifters between shop security (SFL Mobile Radio has worked with Wythenshawe town centre and West Bromwich town centre on such projects).

Or it may be a local council community safety support team which works alongside police authorities in the protection of public buildings and schools. Both examples need fast effective communications to pass on information quickly. Some of the UK’s largest chains use SFL for their radio needs including Asda, Tesco, Argos, Next, Home Bargain and Iceland.

Wirral Borough Council has recently installed a state-of-the-art digital Motorola system for their community safety team. Each operative carries a portable two way radio which allows the control room to GPS track each guard across the Wirral peninsular via their central control room which consists of a TRBOnet tracking system.

The buildings that the community safety team protect are geo-fenced within the control room, so that when an operative enters or leaves the geo-fence, the lone worker function is automatically enabled or disabled and a text message is received by the operative informing them that they are being monitored for added safety. If the lone worker alert is not acknowledged by the guard an alarm is set off in the control room and the exact location of the officer will be clearly shown on the map.

The system also allows for example, building managers to play back routes and obtain reports as proof a building is being monitored.

SFL Mobile Radio also have security solutions for your short term event. We have a pneumatic 15m mast with guys which can be rapidly deployed to offer instant increased coverage for securing events such as concerts, horse racing or even in public disorder scenarios.

Examples of SFL Mobile Radio working with the security  industry

Community safety team employ digital radio network WirralNET

Bootle Strand Shopping Centre upgrades to digital radio system

SFL designs and supplies complex town centre radio infrastructure

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