A digital radio networking solution offering full 2 way radio coverage of the Wirral to your workforce.

Are you managing a mobile workforce? Here is what WirralNET can offer your company:

  • Low fixed monthly fee for Voice, Data and GPS tracking       WirralNET
  • Track vehicles and personnel
  • Crystal clear digital radio transmissions
  • Group and private radio calling
  • Lone worker and emergency alarms
  • An invaluable tool for: skip operators, local bus services, valuable transport, security, parking wardons, alarm management
  • Finance options available

The robust and reliable 2 way radio communications solution ensures health and safety for personnel, building security and integrity for facilities management.

Using seamless GPS and Bluetooth technology, SLF can implement a number of solutions that will integrate various 2 way radio software applications to manage vehicle and staff tracking, lone worker solutions and alarm/panic software catered specifically for your company’s needs.

We can tailor applications to suit your digital mobile radio requirements and are willing to offer a full no obligation demonstration of our system. Call us now on 0800 975 7228.

Land Mobile PageSFL Mobile Radio featured in Land Mobile magazine. Read their story on how Wirral Council’s gritters and community safety teams are benefiting from SFL Mobile Radio’s modern digital trunked network, WirralNET:

Read the story here:   Land Mobile Magazine featuring SFL Mobile Radio




Examples of organisations utilising WirralNET

Community safety team employ digital radio network WirralNET

Wirral Council gritters use digital radio network WirralNET

Key Features of WirralNET

GPS Vehicle and Indoor Positioning

The combined GPS Vehicle & Indoor Positioning system tracks employees
indoors and outdoors from the same radio device.

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Man Down Alarm

The Man Down Alarm monitors workers to identify if they have suffered
a fall or accident.

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Lone Worker Feature

The Lone Worker application acts as a safeguard for lone workers’

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Radio Telephony and Recording

Digital radios can now communicate seamlessly with phones while
having similar functionality found on a cellular device.

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Panic Alerts

Personal threats and attacks on workers affect attendance levels,
morale and productivity.

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Group Calling

Group calling allows employees to broadcast an emergency situation
to all 2 way radios.

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Text Messaging and Emails

There are occasions in the workplace when voice communication is
not practical.

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Fire Alarm Integration

You can expect a faster response when you link your building’s fire alarm
to your 2 way radio system.

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Voice Recording

It is now possible to record all voice traffic on the 2 way radio.

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