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Bodyworn Cameras

Body-worn cameras provide a portable CCTV solution to capture incidents and secure evidence whilst instilling confidence, primarily used in the security sector although a number of other sectors have taken them on board such as retail and lone workers, the devices improve personal safety and reduce crime. With HD 720p video and high-quality audio evidence can be gathered and uploaded at the end of a shift to be used in a legal capacity or deleted if not required.

  • Improve Worker Safety
  • CCTV Evidence Capture
  • GPS Location
  • Push to talk (sim required)
  • HD Video & Audio
  • Evidence Management Software

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Benefits of body worn cameras

Increased Safety

With body-worn CCTV you can capture evidence and reduce crime.

Emergency Call & PTT

In the event of an emergency, an alarm will be initiated and PTT calls can be made.

Device Management Software

You can manage your devices with software management tools upload and clear delete daily.

HD Camera

Wide Angle 720p - 1080p HD video recording for the highest quality evidence.

Long Lasting Battery

Devices come equipped with 2500 mAh batteries for 8 hrs continuous use and 250 + hrs standby.

Audio Recording

Record audio also with video and voice communications once devices are tilted / man down recording will automatically start,

How body cameras can offer solutions for the security industry; 

Body Worn Cameras can be used to help de-escalate situations, provide evidential footage of reported incidents, and safeguard staff against false accusations, which are all vital in helping staff and workers across all security sectors such as airport securityretail loss prevention officers to site security.  With features such as Wifi, HD video, night visionlong battery life and evidence capture software, they help deter crime and manage anti-social behaviour as people often calm down once they know they are being filmed.

All data captured on our range body cameras can be collected and stored, with the help of Digital Evidence Management which collects and stores digital evidence on a secure network. You can easily find data by keyword tagging an evidence file which can be searched for at a later date so the incident can be easily reviewed or provide evidence to law enforcement if necessary.

Hytera Body Worn Cameras

Hytera Body Worn Camera VM580D

Ultra-thin, compact and lightweight perfect for users who need a powerful device that doesn’t weigh them down.

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Hytera Body Worn Camera VM750D

Helps to capture high-quality evidence of crime and antisocial behaviour and act as a deterrent during critical situations.

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Hytera Body Worn Camera VM780

The most advanced range of features available, including; a 2.8” touch display, battery life supporting up to 8 hours recording.

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Management Software

With a multi-charger dock and IDS management software you can simultaneously upload and sync data automatically.


Telo T8 Two Way Radio Bodycam

The T8 is a cutting-edge device that serves as both a two-way radio and a bodycam, providing seamless radio communication over 3G/4G/Wifi and offering body camera capabilities. This all-in-one gadget is equipped with advanced features such as live video streaming, GPS, and push-to-talk functionality, all enclosed in a sturdy IP67-rated structure. The device boasts a rotating 16MP night vision camera that can be used for various purposes, including security surveillance, gathering evidence, and preventing crime. When coupled with a multi-network SIM, the T8 can be used to transmit and stream from anywhere across the nation.


  • Push to talk over cellular network radio
  • Bodycam with live streaming
  • 3G/4G Sim required
  • Group Call / One-to-One Call
  • GPS Positioning
  • Lone Worker / Man Down
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Edesix Body Worn Cameras

Motorola Body Worn Camera VB400

The next generation of body-worn camera technology. Rugged build quality. High performance with Multiple ways to connect to devices.

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Edesix Body Camera Accessories

Edesix provides you with VideoManager, the most advanced web-based software tool for managing video footage tools in the team.


Edesix Body Camera Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories available for your Body Worn Cameras including the Auto-sync camera.

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