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Two-Way Radios are a Great Asset for Communication on Group Walks


A hub for mental health support, JourneyMEN provide a network for men to gain access to the services they require.

With facilities to assist with the wellbeing of clients, offering a relaxed environment and counselling for those in need. They also provide training and recreational activities, including narrowboat cruises and group walks.

Walk Leader at JourneyMEN David, identified the potential two way radio communication can have throughout the group walks. How it could enhance the men’s experience during the walks and boost their self-confidence, encouraging communication throughout.

SFL recently donated two way radios to JourneyMEN, who have been using them during the group walking trips. From feedback provided by the Walk Leader David, the radios have had a great impact on the users’ well-being and supported social connection.

After using the radios on walks, David outlined key points on the positive impact it’s had on the men’s mental health.

The Impact of Two Way Radios for Group Walks;

• Facilitates effective and immediate communication among group members
• Ensures safety and coordination during outdoor adventures
• Promotes cooperation, problem-solving, and shared decision-making
• Mobile radios provide a sense of security and reassurance during outdoor activities
• Mobile radios encourage teamwork, collaboration, and coordination
• Promoting inclusivity, empathy, and active listening within the group

David also explained;

‘Activities in an outdoor setting offers multiple benefits for mental health. Integrating the use of radio communication enhances this experience even further and promotes social connection.’

The radios have proven to be extremely successful during the walks, so much that a radio group has also now been set up as well. SFL are delighted to have donated the radios to JourneyMEN and it’s great how much of a positive impact it’s had for participants on the group walks.


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