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Revolutionising On-the-Road Communication: PTTOC

On-Road Communication with PTTOC. In an era where connectivity dominates, staying in touch while on the road is no longer just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTTOC) vehicle solutions are transforming how drivers and staff in head offices nationwide communicate. Offering a host of benefits that streamline operations, enhance safety, and keep teams connected like never before.

Seamless Communication on the Move

Push-to-talk over cellular vehicle solutions empower drivers to communicate effortlessly with other drivers and staff members. Regardless of their location. By utilising cellular networks, these solutions eliminate the need for fully integrated radio solutions. Instead, drivers can simply press a button to establish instant communication, enabling real-time updates, coordination, and support while on the road.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The ability to communicate instantly via push-to-talk over cellular solutions translates into improved efficiency and productivity for drivers and staff alike. Whether it’s coordinating delivery schedules, addressing customer inquiries, or troubleshooting issues in real-time, streamlined communication ensures smoother operations and faster response times. By reducing delays and minimising miscommunication, businesses can optimise their workflows and deliver exceptional service to customers nationwide.

Motorola Wave PTX TLK150

The Motorola Wave TLK150, gets teams up and running quickly. Combining broad coverage of a nationwide broadband network. Wherever there is mobile signal, users are able to keep in contact.
Increasing coverage, communication and efficiency without the requirement to expand the infrastructure.

Benefits of the Motorola TLK150 include:

  • Compatible with a wide range of handheld devices (View the WAVE range)
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Over-air device management for minimal downtime
  • No usage-based call charges
  • Multi-Network roaming – Always have the strongest signal.


Push-to-talk over cellular solutions represent a great shift in on-the-road communication, offering unparalleled connectivity, efficiency and safety for drivers and staff in head offices nationwide.
By streamlining communication, enhancing productivity, and improving safety protocols, these innovative solutions empower businesses in the transportation industry to optimize their operations. Meaning they can deliver exceptional service to customers across the country.

With their nationwide connectivity and scalability, push-to-talk over cellular solutions are driving the future of on-the-road communication and revolutionising the way teams stay connected on the move.

At SFL, there are a wide range of PTTOC options available, suiting all user requirements. From handheld radios, to full android devices and vehicle solutions. Offering the full Motorola Wave range, get in touch with the team on 0151 334 9160 to discuss your requirements.


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