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SGE Construction See Improved Site Communications Thanks to SFL Radios

Specialists in the planning and delivery of earthworks and soil stabilisation, SGE Construction provide their expert services across the UK.

From drainage and coastal defence to lab testing materials, SGE cover a lot of services for the construction industry. Often working across large sites, the requirement for communication support is a must to ensure they can conduct their work efficiently.

The Requirement for Radio Communication

With teams spread out over wide areas and engaged in diverse tasks, a critical communication solution was a must. Anything performing under the required standards can result in inefficiencies, delays and potential safety hazards.

Recognising the importance of seamless communication for optimising operations and ensuring safety, SGE Construction turned to SFL for the implementation of two-way radios across the site. Offering many advantages for the teams working on the project:

Instant Communication:

Two-way radios provide instant communication, allowing team members to quickly relay messages, updates and instructions regardless of their location within the construction site. This real-time communication enhances efficiency by reducing delays and streamlining workflows.

Wide Coverage:

Licenced Two-way radios operate on dedicated frequencies, ensuring reliable communication even in areas with limited or no cellular coverage. This does require an Ofcom licence that is valid for 5 years.
Any radios hired from SFL, will come covered under an existing Ofcom licence and ready to use straight away. If radios are being purchased, the SFL team can handle the full Ofcom application process for you. Making sure your radios are ready to go, as soon as they’re delivered.


Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, two-way radios are built to withstand the rigors of construction sites. They are durable devices that are resistant to dust, water, and impact. Ensuring reliable performance even in challenging working environments.


By integrating two-way radios into their operations, SGE Construction experienced several tangible benefits:

Improved Efficiency: Real-time communication facilitated by two-way radios enabled smoother coordination among team members, leading to enhanced operational efficiency. Tasks were completed more promptly, reducing project timelines and improving overall productivity.

Enhanced Safety: The instant communication provided by two-way radios played a crucial role in enhancing safety on construction sites. Team members could quickly alert each other of potential hazards, emergencies, or changes in work conditions, allowing for prompt responses and mitigating risks.

Discussing the solution with the team at SGE, the site Forman stated that:

‘We are very happy with the radios, they’re used for communication on large sites, where you can get a couple of KMs away from your team.’

By prioritizing efficient communication and safety, SGE Construction not only optimized operations but also fostered a culture of collaboration and accountability among its workforce. As the construction industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative communication solutions like two-way radios will remain essential for driving productivity and ensuring the well-being of workers on construction sites.

Do you have a team working across a construction site that could benefit from two-way radios? Get in touch with the team on 0151 334 9160 to discuss your requirements. Or if you’d like a hire quote, visit our quote builder here.


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