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Avigilon Radio Alert Solution

Avigilon Radio Alert system seamlessly combines user-friendly video management software (VMS) and is enhanced with cutting-edge AI and video analytics, allowing the integration of your Motorola MOTOTRBO Two Way Radios with Avigilon CCTV, ensuring continuous connectivity for your team.

  • Enhances the safety and security of staff
  • Use resources efficiently and effectively
  • Monitor and inform security matters with AI
  • We can configure your Avigilon CCTV system to integrate with your Motorola MOTOtrbo radio system

Experience the synergy of robust VMS with dependable two-way radio communication. Avigilon Unity Video alarms and alerts can now be seamlessly received on your MOTOTRBO radios. Alarms triggered by video analytics and access control are automatically transmitted to the radios through text messages and/or text-to-voice alerts.




We are a specialised Motorola Platinum radio partner and Avigilon CCTV partner.

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Key Benefits

Proactive Notifications

Dispatch alerts directly to MOTOTRBO two way radios via text messages and text to voice.

Contextual Alerts

Receive any ACC alarm as an alert, including video analytics, access control & licence plate recognition.

Two Way Confirmation

Acknowledge an alarm or alert directly from Motorola two way radio.

Avigilon Control Center (ACC)

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is easy-to-use video management
software that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and video
analytics to help users quickly detect, verify and act on events.


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