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Digital two-way radio for farmers

In rural areas where mobile phone coverage is not great due to the high investment needed for networks to evolve their cellular networks, more and more farmers are turning to two-way radios to keep in touch with their teams.

SFL Mobile Radio recommends digital VHF Motorola DP1400 portable radios which can offer crystal clear radio communications between each other without depending on a third party network.

Another advantage is that you can have a fleet of two or 2,000 radios and other users can be contacted instantly with the push of a button whether it be a group call to everyone or a private call between two individuals.

These mobile radios are professional and require Ofcom licensing – SFL can guide you through the whole application and have you up and running in no time.

The Motorola range of digital radios can obtain up to five miles of coverage depending on local topography, and this can be extended by integrating a DLR5500 repeater, which by linking repeaters can tailor your coverage requirements with the use of a base station antenna.

Digital equipment can be used as portable, though this is dependent on battery life. Alternatively DM1600 fixed radios can be powered through a vehicle source, ending the worry of charging the portable equipment each time. The fitted vehicle equipment also includes an installed antenna to the vehicle which will improve coverage over portable equipment.


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