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High capacity

Connect with employees throughout their shifts, anywhere in the field. Linked Capacity Plus makes it possible to communicate across a wide area by linking up to five sites via an IP network.

Wide Area Coverage

You get the benefits of digital communication for up to 1200 users (12 voice paths) per site across 3 sites or up to 600 users per site (6 voice paths) across 15 sites¹– ideal for utilities,

Improve Safety

Enhanced privacy ensures information-sharing is discreet and seamless roaming keeps them focused on the task without having to adjust their radio as they travel throughout the coverage area.

Increase Efficiency

Now employees can access real-time information with integrated data applications designed for business. Like text messaging to share information when voice communication is inconvenient or distracting.

Easy To Migrate

MOTOTRBO radios are so flexible, they can be configured to operate on your existing LTR® or PassPort®² analogue trunking system². Then when you are ready to migrate to digital trunking, all it takes is a simple software upgrade.

Dispatch Consoles

Centralized your communication with features such as transmit interrupt prioritize important communication exactly when it’s needed and emergency alerts enable workers to send notifications to a central location.

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Linked Capacity Plus provides the essential features with your business needs – such as integrated voice and data communication in a single site or across a wide area, without the use of a separate network controller. Whether crews need to talk to each other in the field or back at the office or they need to use data applications such as text messaging, location tracking or work order tickets, Linked Capacity Plus makes their work safer and their workday more productive.

Your teams are on the move – making deliveries, repairing roads, responding to power outages and transporting students. You need to keep in touch with them, easily and affordably, wherever they travel and with MOTOTRBO™ Linked Capacity Plus multi-site digital trunking, you can.

Do you want to communicate to a large field force across a wide area with a scalable, easy to use the system? Then Linked Capacity Plus is your cost-effective solution. 


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