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Supporting the Supporters for the Armed Forces – SSAFA’s Experience with Motorola DP1400 Radios

About SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity

SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Families Association) has been a cornerstone of support for the Armed Forces community since 1885, assisting service personnel and their families for over 100 years! In 2022 alone, this esteemed charity, with its network of trained volunteers and team members, assisted over 59,000 individuals, including families, veterans, reservists, and serving members from the army, navy, and air force. SSAFA’s primary focus is on providing welfare and well-being assistance, backed by a deep understanding of the unique demands of service life.

“Whether in the UK or overseas, we support the entire Armed Forces family. Behind every uniform is a person and we are here for that person and their family, any time they need us.” Chantel Burrell Harris, Facilities Administrator at the charity, told us.


The Challenges

The main office, based in London, houses a large staff base that moved to new offices in 2011. Prior to this move, communication was primarily conducted through an outdated Tannoy system, followed by Microsoft Teams. Given the limitations of these methods for immediate, on-site interactions, there was a clear need for a more robust and direct communication tool, prompting the switch to SFL Mobile Radio.

Despite the advancements in digital communication platforms, SSAFA faced significant operational challenges within their nine-story London office. Coordinating between various departments—including security, postal services, maintenance, and catering—proved inefficient and time-consuming.


The Solution

The team at SSAFA has found the Motorola DP1400 radios to be a beneficial tool in their day-to-day operations, streamlining communication and saving valuable time. These radios have proven versatile, supporting multi-departmental use which is crucial in a diverse organisational setting. For instance, the cleaning crew regularly uses the walkie-talkies to communicate with both security personnel and each other. Additionally, staff can efficiently conduct regular welfare checks throughout the building, ensuring a responsive and supportive environment for all.



Why the Motorola DP1400?

  • Durable and reliable, suitable for various environments, it can withstand regular use and some degree of rough handling.
  • Ease of use, this model is designed with simplicity in mind featuring straightforward controls and clear audio.
  • Operates in analogue and digital mode which is not just flexible for the charity’s needs but also is a great future-proof choice as it can adapt to different radio set-ups over time.
  • One of the standout features is its excellent audio quality which is vital in busy, louder environments and across large buildings where interference from other electronics is common.
  • Long-lasting battery, which is ideal for extended operational hours without the need for frequent recharging. Beneficial for multi-story offices where charging stations may be limited.
  • Given its features and the robustness of the Motorola brand, the DP1400 offers good value for money. This cost-effectiveness is often a critical factor for charitable organisations that need to manage their budgets carefully.
  • Can be customised with various features and functions to meet specific needs so organisations like SSAFA can set up dedicated channels for different departments.

Our Relationship with SSAFA

Rating the radios 5 out of 5, the charity’s spokesperson went on to say:

“Jordan, our sales consultant was very helpful, knowledgeable and has continued to provide support from the initial purchase request, through to service and maintenance agreement to suit our needs. He made such a good impression that we have recommended the Motorola DP1400 to our colleagues from another SSAFA site.”

SFL Mobile Radio is immensely proud to support SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, in its vital work. Our collaboration through the provision of Motorola DP1400 radios is more than just a business relationship; it’s a partnership that enhances SSAFA’s ability to provide exceptional service and support to the Armed Forces community.


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