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Motorola launches new WAVE 3000

Motorola’s WAVE 3000 delivers instant and secure broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communication simultaneously across MOTOTRBO™ radio users and smartphone users for small to medium businesses.

It allows workers to stay in touch using their smartphones and tablets over any broadband IP network including Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G and reduces the need for additional costly infrastructure.

WAVE 3000 can be applied to systems using Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus and Connect Plus.

The application is highly scalable, supporting 500 smartphone users with up to 60 simultaneous talkpaths but additional licences can also be purchased as necessary.

And the application can integrate with a MOTOTRBO™ system but can also be used as a standalone broadband PTT solution when radios are not required.

A very similar product was launched last year called ‘Motorola Anywhere’ but this system was only available for Connect Plus Infrastructure. The application has been rebranded as WAVE 3000 and this is their 1.2 version that integrates the Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus options. This release also supports the new R2.4 and R2.4A system releases.

Key Benefits

  • Best broadband PTT experience
  • Best in class connectivity to radio system through wireline
  • Extend reach to users outside the coverage of the users existing MOTOTRBO™ radio system
  • Enhanced choice for workers who cannot carry a MOTOTRBO™ handset
  • Convenient and compact option to just carry a smart device and not an additional MOTOTRBO™ handset
  • Offers higher levels of discretion to communicate with teams
  • Increased flexibility for users that need to connect to a MOTOTRBO™ radio system or at a moment’s notice, anywhere. Particularly great for out of hours, out of office or emergencies.
  • Useful for temporary contractors or staff, who can be connected easily to a radio network for their project and then disconnected when completed, with the click of a button


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