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SFL invests in ATEX digital two-way radio hire fleet

SFL Mobile Radio continues to invest in its ATEX digital two-way radio hire fleet, in order to offer commitment to existing clients within hazardous environments across UK.

ATEX digital radios are designed to ensure employee safety and are commonly used where there are explosive conditions, for example on oil refineries, chemical manufacturing plants and in mines where safe, reliable communication is critical.

The equipment stands out from other equipment as it is coloured blue, so as not to be confused with standard non-ATEX equipment.

Introduced by the EU in 2003, the ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) Directive 94/9/EC stipulates standards which all two-way radios must adhere to if used in potentially explosive environments.

The SFL ATEX hire fleet includes over 300 of the state-of-the-art Motorola DP4401 and DP4801 ATEX portables complete with the optimum Li-Ion Impres battery and charging equipment ensuring that power management is the most efficient during the hire of radio equipment.

Each radio is also supplied with the Motorola ATEX leather case and shoulder harness, coupled with the standard ATEX belt clip, your team has every possible accessory for carrying the ATEX equipment safely and effectively.

SFL also offers a range of additional accessories to further tailor your on site requirements such as Impres lapel speaker microphones or Peltor noise cancelling Bluetooth wireless headsets.

Our ATEX hire fleet is regularly serviced and approved by Motorola, therefore, fully certified to use on your ATEX project.

If you would like to know more about how ATEX radios can benefit your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0800 975 7228.

SFL Mobile Radio provides ATEX digital radios for a number of longstanding clients including:

Costain – ATEX radios are used by Costain to manage and maintain a mechanical biological treatment facility at Reliance Street in North Manchester.

Doosan Babcock – during the construction and Outages on some of Europe’s largest power stations.

Siemens Fossil Fuels – SFL supply ATEX equipment during outages on gaseous and petro-chemical projects throughout the UK and Ireland.


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