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Morrisons Manufacturing Centre Utilise SFL Comms to Support Production

Supermarket chain Morrisons have many Manufacturing sites across the UK where fresh food and produce is prepared for the stores nationwide.
One of the branches based in Deeside, produce ready to eat food including chicken and sliced meat for the deli counters. Each year, 130 million packs of ham are prepared at Deeside.

The Scale of the Site

Operating 24/7 across a 190,000 square foot building, the team over the site produce 490,000 tonnes of product each week across their 19 high-speed lines.
The site is split into three different areas, this includes low and high risk areas. The high risk area requires staff to follow a full wash procedure and wear the correct personal protective uniform.
If a member of staff required information from another department, this process would have to be repeated if they were to leave the area.
Site Reliability Engineer Jamie identified this as just one of the areas where two way radios could be utilised.

Identifying the Requirement for Two Way Radios

Jamie contacted SFL Mobile Radio, to purchase a two way radio fleet that would provide the required level of communication.
When discussing the radio requirements with Jamie, he explained that they previously trialled licence free radios. However, they weren’t powerful enough to meet the required range.

SFL recommended Motorola DP1400 two way radios to provide the essential communication support. The licenced Motorola radios are 10x more powerful than PMR446 walkie talkies, have a wider/longer range and provide additional security thanks to the dedicated frequencies.

Using the new Radio Solution

Discussing with Jamie how the radios have been since utilising them, he specified;

 ‘They’ve been brilliant, work really well. I can’t fault it at all’

Detailing how the radios are used throughout the site, Jamie explained that there’s a procedure staff follow. Each department have their own dedicated channel, with one open channel for all the departments to communicate through when required.

The Lone worker feature has also provided additional security for the engineers working remotely throughout the site.
When asking Jamie about the buying experience from SFL he stated;

‘Really good, as quick as the PO was raised, we had the radios not too long after’.

SFL are delighted to have provided the communication solution for Morrisons Manufacturing to support daily operations throughout the site.
Do you work at a large site with many different departments that would benefit from two way radio communication? Get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements on 0151 334 9160.


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