Lone Worker Function

Lone Worker Function

The lone worker function is usually found in mid-tier radios. The system must have at least one radio with a screen (usually held by control or a supervisor) so that the radio with the alarm can be identified. By activating the lone worker feature on the radio, a timer within the radio measures inactivity and will automatically send the emergency call described above if the timer is exceeded.

For instance, if the timer is set at 15 minutes, the radio will detect if it is used and reset the timer on each occasion. If the radio is not used for the full 15 minutes, the radio will start to alert (with a beep) locally to let the user know they need to touch the transmit button to reset the timer. If this cannot be done because the user has become incapacitated, the radio will automatically send the emergency call to the control or the supervisor (or both).

If you have GPS then the alarm will automatically zoom to the radio on a map.

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