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New digital radio network WirralNet manages mobile workforce

SFL Mobile Radio has developed a new digital networking solution, WirralNet, offering local industries full radio coverage of the Wirral.

The robust and reliable two-way radio communications solution ensures health and safety for personnel, building security and integrity for facilities management.

Using seamless GPS and Bluetooth technology SFL Mobile Radio can implement a number of solutions that will integrate various radio software applications to manage vehicle and staff tracking, lone-worker solutions, and alarm/panic software catered specifically for a company’s needs.

Wirral Borough Council has recently installed this state of the art digital Motorola system for their community safety team. Each operative carries a portable radio which allows the control room to GPS track each guard across the Wirral peninsular via their central control room which consists of a TRBOnet tracking system.

Key features of the WirralNet system include:

  • Fixed monthly fee for
    • Voice
    • Data
    • GPS tracking
  • Track vehicles and personnel
  • Crystal clear digital radio transmissions
  • Group and private radio calling
  • Lone-worker and emergency alarms

SFL can tailor applications to suit your digital mobile radio requirements and are willing to offer a full no obligation demonstration of its system.

For more information call our team on 0800 975 7228.


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