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Wirral Council gritters use digital radio network WirralNET

Wirral Borough Council gritters are using state-of-the-art WirralNET radio network for their 2015-16 gritting operations.

The fleet of 14 gritters have started their annual monitoring of the roads throughout the Wirral peninsular and are on standby 24 hours a day.

The team need to rely on secure, quality, resilient radio communications to ensure the operators remain safe and in contact throughout the winter months until the beginning of spring next year.

Using seamless GPS and Bluetooth technology SFL Mobile Radio’s digital networking solution WirralNET offers them full radio coverage of the Wirral.

SFL has supplied 20 Motorola DM4400 / DP4601 mobile radios and a DM4600 control room fixed radio for the gritting team to remain in contact with each other and the control room.

When the gritting control room is not monitored, the built-in lone worker feature will be cross patched into the Wirral control room which is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

All radios have lone worker activated every 30 minutes, if this personal alarm is not acknowledged by the gritter operator within one minute, an audible alarm will be relayed to the control room and a GPS tracker system will be available to instantly obtain the location of the vehicle in order to ensure the driver’s safety.

Key features of the WirralNET system include:

  • Fixed monthly fee for
    • Voice
    • Data
    • GPS tracking
  • Track vehicles and personnel
  • Crystal clear digital radio transmissions
  • Group and private radio calling
  • Lone worker and emergency alarms

SFL can tailor applications to suit your digital mobile radio requirements and are willing to offer a full no obligation demonstration of its system.

For more information on WirralNET and its advantages to your fleet of vehicles please contact us: 0800 975 7228 FREE.


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