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Community safety team employ digital radio network WirralNET

Wirral Council’s community safety team are utilising SFL’s digital radio networking solution WirralNET for its main CCTV control room on the Wirral.

The safety team consists of a fleet of vehicles and foot patrols. Vehicles are installed with state-of-the-art DM4601 GPS radio mobiles and foot patrols utilise the Motorola DP4801 portable with GPS, Bluetooth technology, SMS messaging and crystal clear digital audio. The team can use this network (WirralNET) throughout the Wirral peninsula.

WirralNET uses TRBOnet, Motorola’s control room radio management solution. Control room operators can instantly allocate work to patrols who are nearest to the work as their position is illustrated on a 42″ monitor within the control room. The operators radio transmissions via their PC’s leaving desks uncluttered as there is no need for unnecessary radio equipment.

All voice and data transmissions and the routes of personnel and vehicles, are recorded and can be played back or emailed at any time.

All buildings which the Community Safety team secure, are manually geo-fenced, so that when a radio enters the geo-fence, a satellite identifies the breaching of the boundary and the lone-worker function then automatically commences at regular intervals. If a lone-worker alarm is activated, the control room is alerted and they can deploy a patrol to locate the user involved instantly.

Key features of the WirralNET system include:

  • Fixed monthly fee for
    • Voice
    • Data
    • GPS tracking
  • Track vehicles and personnel
  • Crystal clear digital radio transmissions
  • Group and private radio calling
  • Lone-worker and emergency alarms

SFL can tailor applications to suit your digital mobile radio requirements and are willing to offer a full no obligation demonstration of its system.

For more information on WirralNET and its advantages to your fleet of vehicles please contact us: 0800 975 7228 FREE.


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