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How Two Way Radios Improved Efficiency for Showrooms

For retailers selling home furniture, interiors or vehicles, showrooms are often the best setting to display the latest products and services. With dedicated staff throughout to take customers through the full ordering process, one showroom in particular recognised areas for improvement in customer experience and efficiency.

Areas for Improvement

The leading manufacturer and retailer of home furniture and interiors across the UK have 100+ showrooms with front of house staff, designers, warehouse teams and manufacturing teams throughout all their showrooms.

With the main area of focus being the front of house team and designers. Customers arriving often have scheduled appointments with the design team.

When with customers, the designers often need to communicate with the manufacturing team, who are a 2 minute walk away. Whilst a 2 minute walk might not seem too arduous, it takes the designers away from their customer. Impacting their experience, conversations and overall conversions.

Previous Methods of Communication

This retailer used to utilise phones, but it was difficult to reach people when they weren’t at their workplace, which led to inefficiencies. Naturally, the majority of their crew was mobile, making desk phones impractical. They therefore needed portable devices. Additionally they require one to all communication to relay messages to everyone, rather than repeating a message multiple times.

As a very professional organisation, any device needed to be sleek, smart, easy to use and non-intrusive to their customers.

Testing a New Solution

Our team ran through all of the customers’ requirements, before presenting a couple of options, leading with the Motorola CLPe. A solution Motorola built specifically for the retail & hospitality space, it is small, easy to use and certainly ticked a lot off their box.



Features Supplied

• Lightweight, sleek and easy to operate
• Earpieces for subtle communication with team members

• 16 channels, for users to communicate as a group or through departments if required.
• Smart Status Glow indicator light (colour coded channels, battery status etc…)
• Large, Textured Push to Talk Button
• Up to 20 Hours battery life, ensuring coverage throughout a full shift


Overcoming Varying Showroom Sizes

One concern we had was range, and whether the CLPe would give coverage across the entire showroom and into the manufacturing area. The showrooms vary in size and some of their flagship stores are twice as big as others.

We quickly moved to demonstration stage with the product, before moving to proof of concept with full live radio systems being trialled in 2 of their bigger flagship showrooms.

Feedback on the proof of concept was excellent. Full coverage was easily achieved and staff were delighted with the ease of use and the improved ability to communicate. From there, we were awarded the contract to supply radios to all stores across the UK.

The Motorola CLPe a Success for Showrooms

The CLPe has been a complete success for the customer, with a review finding efficiencies have been achieved and the radios are now pivotal to all communication across the showrooms.

Customer experience has improved immeasurably, and the bottom line has improved as a result of more conversions from meetings with designers.

Do you operate a showroom and searching for ways to improve efficiency and customer service? Give the SFL team a call on 0151 334 9160 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.


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