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Motorola Radios Take Centre Stage for Lancaster Grand Theatre

Lancaster Footlights and Grand Theatre, first opened its doors in 1782 and is known to be the third oldest theatre outside London. With a seating capacity of 460, this cherished theatre serves as a vibrant entertainment space for various societies, professional acts and charitable events. The challenge lay in maintaining seamless communication among key personnel within a large building with thick walls and multiple floors.

Challenges faced by Lancaster Grand:

Communication Obstacles: The theatre’s expansive layout, including basements and thick walls, hindered effective communication among key staff members, including the Duty Manager, Stage Manager, and Front of House Manager.
Outdated Equipment: The existing PMR radios had poor range, limited battery life and a lack of accessories. Impacting the team’s ability to coordinate and respond swiftly to urgent situations.
User Needs: The client needed a solution that offered long battery life, required minimal maintenance and allowed for versatile configurations. To cater to individual user preferences, including the use of fist-mics and ear-pieces.

Key Features of the Motorola Radios

Enhanced Range: Motorola radios offered improved signal strength, ensuring that communication reached all corners of the theatre, including basements and thick-walled areas.
Long Battery Life: The radios provided extended battery life, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication throughout long performances and events.
Versatile Accessories: The Motorola radios support a variety of accessories, including fist-mics and ear-pieces, allowing each user to choose the configuration that best suited their needs.
Reliability: The Motorola radios proved to be robust and low-maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring reliable communication during critical moments.



Following the introduction of the Motorola radios and the implementation of the site licence, the Footlights Charity and its team experienced several positive outcomes:

Enhanced Communication: The team could now communicate seamlessly, overcoming the challenges posed by the theatre’s size and structure.
Improved Performance:
With reliable communication, the Duty Manager, Stage Manager and Front of House Manager could coordinate effectively, leading to safer and more successfully ran performances.
Focus on Excellence: The team can now redirect their energy towards providing and supporting amazing performances, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors and continued success for the theatre.

Speaking with Mike Hardy, Chair of the theatre, he detailed;

“Our staff and volunteers are delighted with the SFL supplied Motorola product and site licence which have met all our needs. Our team can now focus on providing and supporting amazing performances!”

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