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Motorola Wave PTX Solution a Success for Facilities Management

The demand for PTTOC (Push to Talk Over Cellular) continues to grow for users, with many seeing the benefits working throughout large areas.

Previous Two Way Radio Communication

The team at SFL recently supplied a Facilities management company with a full Motorola Wave PTX solution to support with staff communication. The customer are responsible for the security, cleaning and management of a business estate in the Midlands.

The development currently covers 100,000m2 and is continuing to grow. With several commercial buildings, a large car park with 2x levels underground, along with shops and restaurants.

They had previously used traditional two way radios (RF), with no infrastructure. Which wasn’t providing the coverage needed to be able to communicate across the whole estate. With the control room based at an underground level in the carpark, this was a particular difficulty for staff. They’d often experience connection issues when communicating with the control room.

The features of the radios had everything required, it was just coverage causing staff to look for an alternative option. Additional infrastructure was explored, however an option wasn’t in this case, as the site landlord didn’t want antennas fixed to the buildings.

Even after the initial survey, results shown that 1 repeater wouldn’t give access to full site coverage. The control room, again was proving difficult to gain coverage in. Multiple repeaters would have been required if they continued using traditional two way radios, which could have been a significant upfront cost for the infrastructure.

Exploring a PTTOC Solution

We then began to discuss PTTOC options for the site. Also known as 4G radios, PTTOC operates over the mobile networks and/or Wi-Fi. So wherever there is connection, users will be able to communicate.

With many platforms available, the customer decided to go with Motorola Wave PTX as, like SFL they are loyal to the Motorola brand.

As the estate gets bigger a hybrid solution may be required, where there is both RF radio infrastructure and an LTE solution combined, to give full estate coverage. With this in mind, Motorola offer a brilliant bridged solution between the platforms, so there is an element of future planning.

Testing the devices across the estate, they were set up to work on both LTE and WIFI. From this the coverage gained was fantastic, even in the control room which benefitted from secure WIFI coverage.

Motorola Wave PTX operates with a multi – network roaming SIM card, so it will instantly connect to the best network in the area.

Adding to the Fleet

The users were delighted with the coverage and functionality, not to mention the slim line profile of the Motorola TLK100 devices. We quickly moved to full roll out of Motorola Wave PTX across the estate. We have recently added the new Motorola TLK110 device on a 2nd phase of roll out across the estate.


             Motorola TLK100                                           Motorola TLK110




We are exploring the control room despatcher, and the GPS location tracking is also of interest to the end user. All functions available on Motorola Wave PTX.

Are you considering a Motorola Wave PTX solution and would like further information? Give the team a call on 0151 334 9160 to discuss your requireCounciments.


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