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SFL offer wide area communciation solution using Push to Talk over Cellular


Wide Area Communication Requirements

National panel repair and paint spraying specialists; Just Spray, operate across 2 regional offices in central London and Hitchin. As well as their bases they have an 18 strong mobile workforce that are spread throughout the country which brings certain communication obstacles.

When Just Spray approached SFL the team were communicating using mobile apps such as WhatsApp. This however has many limitations and they were looking for an upgraded system.

The Solution – Push to Talk Over Cellular

After listening to their requirements SFL Mobile Radio recommended utilising Push to talk over cellular (PTTOC). As the name suggests PTTOC utilises cellular network coverage which means they can easily communicate across the country. To ensure the system fully fulfilled Just Spray’s needs SFL offered a free trail of the devices which allowed them to test the system and gave them a valuable insight into the benefits.

The PTTOC system is compatible with a wide range of devises ranging from standard android mobiles to specially designed PTTOC devices. Just spray opted for a professional PTTOC device, the Telo TE580 which features: seamless connectivity, crystal clear communication, long battery life and an IP rating of IP67. The devices also has a camera which is utilised by the just spray team to send project updates to other team members.

When asked about their day to day requirements for the PTTOC system General Manager Lee Hodgkins commented:

‘We use the PTTOC for multiple reasons: keeping up to date with our operatives which in turn allows us to deal and update our customers, ensuring constant stock is maintained and we feel having all the teams being able to communicate makes for a stronger and more productive workforce’

The Verdict

Just Spray are already benefitting from the communication system praising both the devices and the service received from SFL with Lee further commenting:

‘The devices are great and have already improved communication throughout the company. SFL were excellent, answering all my questions promptly and professionally’

Just Spray opted to lease the devices and pay one low monthly cost per device which includes the sim data package and application licence. This option avoids capital expenditure costs and makes the devices very accessible.

If you would like to find out more about PTTOC then call our expert advisors on 0151 334 9160.


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