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SFL’s hands-free crane radios play ‘vital role’ on HTC Wolffkran sites

SFL Mobile Radio is proud to continue its long standing relationship with HTC Wolffkran working together with them on construction sites across the UK.

As well as supplying two-way radios SFL has supplied numerous HTC Wolffkran sites with our bespoke hands-free crane radio.

The hands-free system which is installed within the cab of the crane allows the crane operator to fully concentrate on crane operations whilst maintaining contact with their lifting team, critical for safe lifting operations.

“The in-cab radio systems play a vital role in safe lifting operations due to the ability of the operator to maintain good communications with site personnel and the slinger, signallers and other crane operators whilst having full control of the crane,” says HTC Wolffkran operator supervisor Sean Hutson.

“Inherently two-way radios have been used on sites for many years and whilst they have improved communication from the days of hand signals, the [SFL] base style system’s foot pedal and microphone/speaker have given the operator the use of both hands on the crane controls at all times,” continues Mr Hutson.

“The foot pedals for opening up the channel communication are excellent and really easy to use. They really come into themselves when a crane is on a multi-crane site and a crash radio is used alongside the slinger signaller channel, the crane operator can effortlessly change from speaking to the slinger to letting another crane operator know they are entering their airspace,” explains Mr Hutson.

The crane radio set-up employs a Motorola platform and utilises DMR technology offers crystal clear radio transmissions and increased two-way radio coverage, whilst reducing interference and background noise.

Mr Hutson continues: “The systems have better signal reception leading to clear messages being sent and received due to the excellent in-cab speaker and the moveable microphone.

“The feedback received from operators is 100% positive as it makes their job easier and most importantly safer.”

HTC Wolffkran currently has approximately 150 cranes on hire around the UK, and the SFL crane hands-free system is fitted to many of these. Current notable jobs include the ongoing Tottenham Hotspur F.C. stadium development in London, The Wardian and Kilnbridge Construction sites at London Canary Wharf, the Old BBC TV Centre, Wood Lane London and developments at Greenwich Peninsula.

“HTC Wolffkran have a very strong working relationship with SFL, each member of the SFL team strive to do their best and are a credit to the company,” finishes Mr Hutson.

The SFL crane hands-free radio consists of:

  • Quick release mounting kit
  • Digital Mobile Radio
  • Heavy duty foot pedals for ‘push to talk’ operations
  • Noise reducing microphone
  • 10w external speaker
  • Backup power with charging system

The crane hands-free radio is available in two forms; single (banksman/slinger only) and dual (banksman/slinger and crash emergency). The dual option is for multiple cranes on site where a ‘crash’ emergency radio system is used independently and two separate radios are required.

The single crane and multi-crane options are both approved by Ofcom for use within the UK.

SFL maintains and manages the Ofcom channels (within SFL Ofcom Management Software) for the various projects liaising with Ofcom during the evolvement of a building site’s infrastructure.

Or if you would like to talk to somebody about hiring a hands-free crane radio, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0800 975 7228.


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