So what are the key features of the Motorola R7 and what makes it the two-way radio of the future for business communication? See the many advanced features the R7 has to offer the modern day user:


The resilient design of the Motorola R7 preserves the professional appearance of a two-way radio, in a size that’s easy to operate. The Li-Ion battery keeps the radio light weight, whilst providing users with up to 28 hours battery life.

• Corrosion Proof

Where older models would require a dust cover, this isn’t necessary for the R7 as it is corrosion proof. The radio will withstand use in harsh environments without needing further protection. The material of the device will also resist any damage that decontamination agents can cause over time.

• Meets Military Standards

The IP68/IP66 rating of the R7 also means that the device can withstand submersion in water at 2m for up to 2 hours.

Key Features

There are many new features the R7 has to offer that undoubtedly shows it’s designed for business professionals, requiring a futureproof communication solution;

• Receiver Sensitivity

Superior receiver sensitivity allows users to transmit at the edge of their coverage, other radios would struggle with this. Thanks to the built in Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, helping to increase the bandwidth of the devices without draining the battery life.

• Advanced Noise Cancelling

The R7 has both front and back microphones to achieve enhanced next-level noise cancelling. This means that a user won’t have to move to a quieter location to speak, or when receiving correspondence from other users.

• Automatic Speaker

The R7 will monitor any background noise in the area and automatically adjusts the speaker volume. This, along with the devices forward facing speaker will ensure all messages are received clearly.

See some of the many advanced features the new radio has to offer…

The R7 series is compatible with every type of MOTOTRBO system. So the solution can be supplied to any scale from a small single-site, to a full network that’ll provide cross country coverage.
Users can also customise their fleet to better suit their requirements with a variety of accessories available.

Minimise Downtime

The new series from Motorola will also reduce any potential downtime required for the radios. With over air programming and updates available via Wi-Fi, the devices won’t have to be taken out of the field for any programmable maintenance. All users have to do is a One Time Activation over Wi-Fi once the radios have arrived. Great for ensuring the radios are on the latest software.

A feature that will benefit the most demanding of workplaces, where the use of two-way radio communication is essential.
You can even extend communications beyond your radio network with the compatibility of a flexible broadband push-to-talk solution.

Compared to the current flagship radio from Motorola the DP4000e series, there’s so much more the R7 has to offer business professionals to provide the future of radio communications.
See the features comparison between old and new models below;


With different models, specs and accessories available to accommodate the different user requirements and budgets.
Our expert team are at hand to provide further information on the devices and advise customers.

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