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Triathlon Organisers Overcome the Hurdle of Range thanks to Motorola Wave

Motorola Wave TLK100 two way radios provide the perfect range for Triathlon event.

Fundraiser SportInspired searched for a solution to their 12.5km range requirements for the triathlon. Initially trialling UHF two way radios, they found the UHF radios worked perfectly for marshals closer to the swim and run routes. However, for other staff situated further away, UHF coverage didn’t provide the required range for the event.

“We tried the UHF radios and they did not work but then Jordan suggested the cellular radios which worked perfectly”

Trialling the coverage achievable was crucial to ensure the staff had a constant source of communication throughout the event.

The charity fundraiser was a total of 200km for those taking part, on a 12.5km loop, an all-day event from 8am to 8pm. With marshals stationed across different locations throughout, it was essential that they had access to instant communication.

Discussing how the radios were throughout the event with Programme Manager Joe, he explained

“It was super helpful for you to send us a couple of radios to be able to test them. Thanks for providing the radios, you helped in a vital part of a successful event.”

We’re delighted to support the team with a communication solution for the event. Motorola Wave provided a robust and reliable solution for the SportInspired event. Have you struggled with range and think PTTOC could be the solution for you? Get in touch with the team on 0151 334 9160 to discuss your requirements.


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