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What is Motorola WAVE PTX?

Two Way Radios have come a long way since first being developed for the military in the early 20th century. They will always be required by businesses and individuals and are ideal for use in remote areas, across large work sites and buildings.

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, where will the walkie talkie go next?

Taking PTT (Push to Talk) further, Motorola WAVE walkie talkies will instantly connect teams across different devices, locations and even networks. So what makes them different?

Unlike a traditional two way radio that operates over the radio frequency spectrum, Motorola WAVE operates over broadband.

Broadband Push-To-Talk or 4G radios, are just two of the names of walkie talkies that operate over cellular networks. Wherever you have signal or access to Wi-Fi, you can seamlessly communicate with team members.


WAVE PTX is Motorola’s independent network. A multimedia communication solution that brings users an affordable broadband push-to-talk solution on a subscription based service. WAVE PTX Instantly connects teams at the push of a button.

With a multi network sim, it will automatically switch to the strongest network available in the area. Meaning users can even be cross borders and the device will effortlessly roam as the user travels between countries.

There is also an option to have advanced safeguarding features such as emergency calling, discreet listening, checking on remote users and more.

Motorola Wave Devices

There are many WAVE devices to choose from to accommodate all requirements, including a cab radio for vehicle fleets. Motorola even provide the capability of using your own phone to communicate with the radios. Here are some of the WAVE devices Motorola have to offer…

Evolve LTE


Evolve LTE Handheld

Everything you need in one device. A walkie talkie and android phone ‘hybrid’, the rugged Evolve device is designed with public safety in mind. Combining the user experience to get the best of both, having PTT capabilities and all the functions of an android device. Not only this, you can also live stream video to other users and dispatchers, providing increased user security and enhanced communication.





Instant, ready to go communication. For those users who simply just need to communicate with other team members. With the appearance of a usual walkie talkie, the robust radio will withstand everyday wear and tear. Whilst providing broadband push-to-talk that’s easy to use and manage.






A device designed for you and built to last. Merging the flexibility of push-to-talk communication via broadband with the reliability of a rugged, purpose-built device. This unique combination provides a seamless and efficient communication experience, making operations safer, smarter, and better connected.



Mobile App for Smartphones

Not only does WAVE have walkie talkies available that fulfill user needs. There is also a mobile app available that will give you all the PTT capabilities from your mobile device. Meaning you can communicate with the other WAVE walkie talkies and vice versa.

All of the available devices and the app are compatible with each other. So users that require the device can use it and talk with a user communicating via the mobile app.

Centrally Manage your Fleet

Wave PTX Dispatch is easily accessible for users through a standard web browser, so it can be accessed anywhere. From the dispatch software, users can broadcast calls, locate users, share files and more.

So what makes Wave PTX different?

Broadband push-to-talk provides a range never previously achievable by walkie talkies alone. As long as you have access to a mobile network, you’ll be able to communicate with others.
In the instance where users are in a remote location with little access to a network. A traditional walkie talkie will still be the go to. However, with internet now readily available, Motorola WAVE walkie talkies and broadband push-to-talk is here to stay. Shaping 21st century PTT communication.

Where Can I Get The WAVE Walkie Talkies?

As a Motorola Solutions platinum partner, here at SFL you can purchase the full Motorola WAVE range. We even provide a free trial, so you can see if the solution is right for you.


If you would like to discuss broadband push-to-talk further, get in touch with the team on 0151 334 9160.



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