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Full Motorola Radio System to Rapidly evolving Construction Project

Old War Office London

As a leading supplier to the construction industry throughout the UK, we understand user requirements however big or small a project is.

A recent project the SFL team supported was the transformation of The Old War Office in London. The plan for the office was to transform it to a 5* hotel, along with high end luxury apartments.

Initial Site Requirements

Reviewing the site, the huge building covered a 10,000m2 area in central London, with thick, 2 stories below ground and 6 above ground. Due to the size of the site, the Ardmore team couldn’t achieve the required coverage with their two way radios.

With over 1,000 construction workers on the site at any given time, having radio communication was paramount for the team in terms of safety and operation. Requiring 10+ talk groups across the project.

After attending the site and conducting a survey, several blind spots were identified throughout. We were also informed on the site plans and that it would quickly evolve, with several more stories being developed underground.

The initial solution was a 2x capacity plus Motorola repeater with distributed antenna system, which provided full coverage across the site.

Discussing the initial site requirements and site install with Logistics Manager Alin, he stated;

“The accuracy of the radio frequency provided by SFL was truly remarkable, especially considering the challenging conditions posed by the walls’ depth and width, which were up to 1 metre. Such construction barriers often pose significant obstacles for wireless communication systems, but your team managed to optimize the radio frequencies to maintain a robust and reliable signal throughout the site. This level of precision and reliability in communication was instrumental in preventing potential errors and accidents while maximizing the safety and efficiency of our workforce.”

Further Site Development

As the site progressed, an additional 5 stories were developed underground. Meaning the two way radio solution had to be adapted to accommodate the additional ground. Attending the site again, it had progressed immensely, becoming unrecognisable compared to the previous visit. Because of this, regular monitoring was a must to ensure the solution advanced as the site did. Alin thanked the ‘impressive speed of service’ delivered by the team throughout.

A full site survey was carried out and a Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) radio system was put forward.

Under normal circumstances, an LCP system is easy enough to set up, but on a construction site there are considerable hurdles. Mainly the 2x repeater sites need to be connected, either over IP or via a large CAT5 cable. IP wasn’t an option on a construction site due to poor connectivity.

After carefully planning out the layout of the cable system, the team set out about creating the adapted radio network across the busy construction site.

“The team took a proactive approach in continuously monitoring and optimizing the radio signals. The periodic evaluations and adjustments helped us maintain an uninterrupted flow of information.”

Adapted Communication Solution

The engineers reprogrammed all of the equipment on site, resulting in out of hours working to ensure the staff working on site wouldn’t go without.

The power across the site was also temperamental, so we installed a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) on each repeater site, protecting the radio system against power failure.

End Result

The project received full, reliable site coverage throughout. The radios were supplied on a hire basis, supported with a managed service that gave the customer the support they needed. Limiting downtime and keeping them operational.

The team at SFL are delighted to have provided communication support for the Old War Office project. Speaking with Alin about the overall experience from SFL, he explained;

“Your team’s dedication to delivering fast and accurate radio services has been truly commendable, and it played a crucial role in the successful completion of the project. I have no hesitation in recommending SFL to any construction project in need of reliable and efficient communication solutions.”

Does your team require two way radio support for an ongoing construction project? Whatever scale the project is, we’ll keep you seamlessly connected throughout. Get in touch with the team on 0151 334 9160 to discuss your requirements.


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