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The Rise of Body Worn Cameras in Supermarkets and Retail

In recent years, the use of Body-Worn Cameras has witnessed a significant surge within the retail sector, especially in supermarkets throughout the UK.

This technological advancement has been embraced by retailers as a means to enhance security and ease operational challenges. This article delves into the rise of body-worn cameras in UK supermarkets. Shedding light on the driving forces behind their adoption, along with their impact on safety and security.

The Reasons for Adoption:

Several factors have contributed to the widespread application of body-worn cameras in the retail landscape. With supermarkets taking the lead in integrating this technology. One primary driver is the increasing need for enhanced security measures.
The retail sector faces various challenges, including theft, shoplifting, and anti-social behaviour. Body-worn cameras serve as a proactive tool to deter such incidents and provide valuable evidence when necessary. In 2023, the retail sector saw 9 in 10 workers facing abuse at work.

Statistics on Body-Worn Camera Use:

The adoption of body-worn cameras in UK supermarkets and retail outlets is reflected in compelling statistics:

Rapid Increase in Deployment: According to a survey conducted by Retail Risk, an industry intelligence platform, over 70% of UK retailers have either deployed or are actively considering the deployment of body-worn cameras within their establishments.

Crime Deterrence: The British Retail Consortium (BRC) reports a notable reduction in criminal incidents within supermarkets equipped with body-worn cameras. In areas where body worn cameras were introduced, incidents of theft and violence decreased by an average of 45% compared to non-equipped stores.

Staff Satisfaction: An internal survey conducted by a major UK supermarket chain revealed that 85% of their employees felt safer and more secure when equipped with body-worn cameras. The presence of this technology contributed to an overall positive work environment.

Legal Impact: The use of body-worn cameras has significantly expedited investigations and legal proceedings. According to data from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the introduction of video evidence from body-worn cameras has led to a 20% increase in successful prosecutions related to retail crimes.

Integration with Two Way Radios

Motorola Solutions have integrated their latest two way radio technology with body worn cameras. Meaning individuals can now use them in conjunction with their camera, this cross over in device comes with many benefits.

Emergency Alert Features

Two Way Radios used on site can seamlessly connect with the body worn camera via Bluetooth. Great for staff who may be lone working utilising the ‘Man Down’ or ‘Lone Worker’ features, simply connect the Motorola VB400 camera for additional staff security. When any of the emergency alert features are triggered on the radio, the camera will automatically start recording.
Compatible with a range of robust and reliable MOTOTRBO radios.

Body Worn Cameras and GPDR

Utilising body worn cameras throughout an establishment is great for safety and security. However, there are some measures users and organisations must take to ensure they’re being used lawfully.
As long as the company only has authorised personnel with access to the data and it isn’t kept for any longer then necessary, the devices meet GPDR regulations.
If footage was ever used to provide evidence, individuals featured in the footage background can be blurred out, protecting their privacy. Read More on Body Worn Cameras and GDPR Here.

The body worn cameras are encrypted, meaning the footage can’t be edited. Making it sufficient evidence to use in court, should it be required for legal evidence.

Knowing What Body Worn Cameras Will Best Suit My Requirements

With a wide range of body worn cameras available, it can be difficult to know which ones will best suit your requirements. Here at SFL, we have a team of dedicated experts here to talk you through the process and recommend the best solution for you. Get in touch on 0151 334 9160 to discuss your requirements.


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